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Technology is making leaps and bounds in the alarm system industry. Everyone knows a top-of-the-line security system can stop home break-ins, but that is only the beginning. The newest alarm systems can also prevent house fires, record what goes on during the day when you aren’t home, and help monitor children, and that’s just the beginning. If your alarm system is only monitoring for a thief, you’re missing out on mobile apps, temperature control and much more- all in one system.

What good is protecting your home if you don’t have any proof a crime occurred? If you have a cleaning person, a nanny, construction crew, or lawn care professionals at your home while you’re away, you have every right to know what they’re doing while in your house. Today’s best alarm systems can record your house’s interior or exterior while you’re out and allow you to watch it from your phone or computer somewhere else. If someone rings the doorbell while you’re gone, you’ll be able to access a video feed and see who it is!

In order to have the best alarm system, you need the best security company to install it. If you choose Crest Lock Co for your security alarm system installation, you will be getting the top professionals in the business who know what “security” truly means. We have a full “Security Licensed” staff so anyone with access to your information has been background checked and is licensed by the state.

Anyone can sell you a system with a panel, door contact, and a motion detector… but, is that what you need? Crest Lock Co. can help you find the perfect security system for you and your family.We offer a customizable approach to buying an alarm system because every home is different. Whatever your specific needs are, there’s an alarm system that can handle it. Contact us today at 410-256-7800 for a quote and to speak with an expert about getting started towards a safer home.


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