What you should know about your locks:

  1. Because of information being available on the internet anyone can Google and learn how to pick a lock and or  how to bump a lock. Today it is easy to learn how to defeat most standard locks with an Internet tutorial.
  2. How safe are your locks and what is the quality of locks you can purchase at a local hardware store?
  3. Do know what Grade 1, 2, 3 mean?
  4. Are you going to need key control?
  5. Have you ever lent someone your key ? How do you know they didn’t have a duplicate made?
  6. It’s even possible to use a smartphone app, to take a picture of a key and have a copy made!  How many people have had access to your keys?

Crest Lock Co. can help you protect your business or home against lock picking and bumping, as well as unauthorized key duplication, by installing High Security locks. High Security Locks are rated, they are  pick and bump resistant to help protect your business or home from being broken into. These locks can offer you key control, or key control and pick and bump resistance depending on your needs. You can even put high security cylinders in many different lock styles.

High security locks can work in all types of locks, including padlocks, and in many different places that you would like to control who has the authority to make duplicate keys.

No matter what your needs are we can provide you the products and services that will give you real security and peace of mind.

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