Mobile Showroom

Don’t buy off a brochure stop by our show room or call and ask to see a working system before you buy.

We have a state of the art show room that features our mobile show room as well as other systems you can stop by to see. Our demos are actually working access control systems connected to working doors. We believe the hardware you choose is just as important as the access system you choose. Our demos allow you to see the differences in the working hardware. This allows us to explain what the benefits of each type of hardware are and specify the correct hardware for your application. Unlike some system integrators, who specify the cheapest hardware to sell their system, our locksmith heritage allows us to recommend the correct hardware for your project.

We have multiple IP based camera systems in our show room with over 30 working cameras from different manufactures. We have 1.3MPcameras to 20MP cameras and can recommend the proper cameras for your project. We have live remote demos you can see as well from our web site. Since we have a working demo you’re seeing real time live camera feeds and record feeds. Unlike some dealers, who show you recorded demos with only their best picture. We can show you video from any of our cameras from any time and recent date. This allows us to explain the benefits of each camera and give our clients realistic expectations. If you like what you see, we can arrange an appointment to bring the mobile show room to your site. The mobile show room has a 30’ mast we raise and show you what your site will look like firsthand. There is no reason, anymore, to buy off a brochure. Stop by our show room or call and ask to see the mobile showroom today.

DSX Access Control

The DSX access control system is an enterprise level system that will allow you to start out with one or two doors and grow your system to 32,000 locations with 128 doors per location. Don’t sell yourself short by picking a system that won’t grow as your company grows. DSX is one of the few companies that offers their software written in both access, for smaller projects, and SQL, for bigger projects. If you start out with access, and your organization grows, now you can upgrade to SQL without having to replace your original investment because DSX panels work both versions.


The demo has custom doors with actual working hardware. This allows you to see the differences and the pros and cons of the different hardware. The wrong hardware can make your investment in an access control system worthless. The mobile show room has a working magnetic lock door, electric strike door, electric lever door, and electric panic bar door.

Video Intercom

The mobile show room also features an Aiphone Video intercom system. Secure your office with a Video intercom system. A video intercom system allows you to communicate and see the person you are talking to. Once you know who you are talking to, you can then decide to let them in remotely from the intercom system.


The mobile show room has a DVR server based camera system and a NVR IP based camera system with a 30 mask to allow you to see what your site will look like firsthand on 45” monitors. Since this is a working system, you can see all the different options available. Having a working demo allows us to design and show you a system that meets your needs and to know what to expect before you buy.

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