When buying a safe there’s are important questions that need to be answered. When you come to Crest Lock we make sure to ask the right questions so that we can recommend the proper safe to suit your needs.

1- What are you going to store inside of it? –and why do we ask?

If you are planning to put coins or stamps in your safe you want to make sure that they are protected against moisture, fire and burglary.

If you are putting money or important documents in the safe we want to make sure the fire rating is one that protects money or your documents from burning.

You also want to make sure the value of your safe is appropriate for the value of your contents.

Call and ask to speak to Ashley. She’ll be more than happy to schedule an appointment to explain our selection of safes and help determine which one meets your needs.

2- Where is the safe going?

With our in-stock safes we can give you a visual reference of the safe sizes and what the interior dimensions would be so your contents will fit in appropriately.

3- Is your safe for a business, or residential use?

This question allows us to recommend the appropriate rated safe for your needs.

4- Who is going to be using the safe?

We ask this so we can make recommendations for the type of lock, whether it’s mechanical or electronic, or key and mechanical.  The physical condition of the person using the safe is important, we need to know if they have any issue such as:  (ie if you have a bad back and you want this one on the floor, a smaller safe may not be your best option.) This allows us to recommend the proper size and the placing of the safe to the client.

A few safes to consider are

Gardall ul 2 hours fire safe

  • This is a ul listed two hour fire safe.
  • This safe is furnace-tested to 1850°f for 2 hours. Interior temperature of safe was less than 350°f during the test and cool down
  • This safe is a ul listed residential security container
  • This safe comes in a variety of sizes.

Amsec commercial security safe (csc)

  • This is a ul listed two hour fire safe.
  • This safe was factory fire rated at 1700°f to not exceed internal temperature of 350°f.
  • This is a ul listed residential security container.
  • This safe comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Models 3018 and 4520 have the option of a storage cabinet fitting inside of it. This works great for important documents or jewelry.

Gun safes

  • We offer a large variety of gun safes. The gun safes we offer start with a 30 min fire rating and can go up to a 2 hour fire rating.
  • Our safes range in size, composition, and protection materials.
  • Our safe manufacturer’s make a wide variety of customizable options such as color, finish, texture and accessories.

Hand gun safes

We have a wide selection of small hand gun safes that can be bolted to your nightstand or inside your closet. If you need a way to secure your weapon in your vehicle, our safes are compact and portable so when traveling with your weapon, you have peace of mind.

Microwave safes

We offer a line of 1 hour fire safes. These safes come in a wide range of sizes with different dial options. All these safes can be secured to the premise.

Wall safes/floor

We offer a few great options for anyone who is looking to be able to secure their valuables in a covert manner. We have a large selection of floor and wall safes available for order to give you the convenience of a safe with the chance of securing it in a concealed location.

Drop safes

We have lots of available options when it comes to securing money. Whether it is used for night drops, food cart, cash drops in a van, or restaurant drop we can provide options that work best for your needs.

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